The Broken Hours

In the spring of 1936, horror writer H. P. Lovecraft is broke, living alone in a creaky old house, and deathly ill.  At the edge of a nervous breakdown, he hires a personal assistant, Arthor Crandle.  As the novel opens, Crandle arrives at Lovecraft's home with no knowledge of the writer or his work, but is soon drawn into his distinctly unnerving world: the malevolent presence that hovers on the landing; the ever-shining light from Lovecraft's study, invisible from the street; and, visions in the night of a white-clad girl in the walled garden.  Add to this the arrival of a beautiful woman who may or may not be exactly as she seems and Crandle is pulled deeper into the strange world of H. P. Lovecraft (a man known only to Crandle through letters, signed "Ech-Pi"), until Crandle begins to unravel the dark secret at its heart.

Available September 23, 2014
HarperCollins Canada

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