Monday, 17 March 2014

When I should have been writing, I came across this gorgeous anatomical artwork by Travis Bedel and thought I'd post in celebration of spring.  And, you know, organs.
Understand that as I write this, snow still sits piled up outside my window.  But the pile is lower, and dirtier, than the day before.  My heart still beats.  Lungs inflate, seemingly without effort, and fall.  Blood circulation improved, perhaps, by the mild weather and by the headstand I attempted and failed to do at this morning's Sattva class, in an effort to put my heart above my head.  Failure is not a word we use at Sattva, I am told.
Last Wednesday, at about 9:45 pm, my dog was sprayed in the head by a skunk when he failed to see it was, in fact, not a cat which hissed at him from the crusty dark beneath the deck.  I do not wish to know which particular skunk organ now scents the dog asleep at my feet, dreaming of blameless rabbits.
This is how I know it is spring.  The rabbits, too, have grown darker.

Check out Bedel's artwork at Colossal
(Also, have a look at the hypnotic gifs of David Szakaly.  Don't know what a gif is?  Neither did I.  So I googled it.  I still don't know, but Szakaly's are beautiful and mesmerizing.)

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